Petty Theft/Theft Intervention Class
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Theft and Shoplifting Prevention

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Description: Our Theft Intervention/Shoplifting Prevention Class is designed to help individuals learn to accept responsibility for their impulsive behaviors and to overcome thinking errors. Participants will learn to identify necessary steps to make a positive change, avoid future negative behaviors and to make better choices and decisions.

Topics covered: Taking Responsibility, The Importance of Controlling Impulses, Impulse Control Crimes, Thinking Errors, Seemingly Unimportant Decisions, How We Make Decisions, Values and Decisions, Wants vs. Needs, Theft, Shoplifting and Stealing, Money and Freedom, Debt, Predatory Loans, Budgeting, Self-Esteem, Family Conflict, Communication Skills, Values, Your Choices, Integrity, Character Building, and General Life Skills.