Life Skills Classes – Making Better Choices
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Life Skills Class – Making Better Choices

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Description: Life is complicated. There are grey areas and tough decisions to be made. Decisions which can have long term consequences – both good and bad. So how do we make good choices? The world is full of bad advice and flawed reasoning and we need a map to avoid these bumps on the road to a good life. To avoid the “bumps” this Life Skills course acts as a guide, teaching well-reasoned thinking and providing good advice using real word examples. It can be hard to see the future consequences of a quick decision, but this course acts as a guide to making the right choices. The course also has a focus on teaching responsibility and appropriate thinking because we all have to handle life’s problems. Additionally, this class aims at reinforcing positive behaviors, controlling impulses, and teaching the importance of choosing to do the right thing.

Topics Covered: Thinking Errors, Decision-Making Skills, Impulse Control, Decision Making and Good Judgement, Time Management, Character Building, Importance of Integrity, Self-Esteem, Personal Responsibility, Taking Responsibility, Communication Skills, Boundaries, Conflict Management, Family Conflict, Crisis Intervention, Positive Thinking, Reach Your Full Potential, and Motivation.