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We are trusted and approved by over 10,000 courts, probation departments, juvenile departments, judges, social workers, case managers, and attorneys nationwide. We have the tightest securities in the industry, and due to these securities, we have earned the trust of over 10,000 agencies and organizations. Many will recognize our trusted name and accept the Certificate of completion without question.

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Acceptance Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services, as a result, we offer an Acceptance Guarantee on all of our Certificates. If your court, probation officer, judge, or caseworker doesn’t accept a certificate, we will refund your entire course fee. First, however, we will work diligently on your behalf to have your certificate accepted. In the event the agency still does not accept your certificate, we will refund your entire course fee. Please see our Refund Policy below for more details.

Enrollment Policies

National Online Training/Court Solutions Online, hereby agrees to provide the party, hereinafter referred to as "student", with a Behavior Modification Educational Course. Courses online are to be completed during the time frame of 90 days. After 90 days, the course is considered ‘Expired’.

By enrolling in the program, you acknowledge and understand you must do the following to receive a Certificate of Completion:

  1. Participate in the entire educational class and meet the time requirement.
  2. Correctly answer questions when instructed by the program.
  3. Score 70% or higher on the Final Exam.
  4. Score 70% or higher overall.
  5. Understand that if you make below 70%, you may review the program and retest with no additional fees according to our Failure Policy.
  6. Successfully complete the course without the help or assistance of others.
  7. Agree you will not allow another person to complete the course for you.
  8. Agree not to falsify any information.
  9. Understand that you do not have to complete the entire course at one time.
  10. Understand you must complete the course within 90 days from the date of registration.
  11. Abide by these Enrollment Policies.
  12. Understand that interruptions beyond the National Online Training/Court Solutions Online’s control could possibly occur.

Students have two options for requesting a refund. Students can request a refund based upon a rejected course/certificate or based upon our Satisfaction Guarantee. Details are listed below.


The student can request a full refund when:

  1. If the certificate was rejected by a court, probation department, agency, etc. that required the course and;
  2. The student provides written documentation via or email, fax, or mail of rejected course or certificate from the court, probation department, agency, etc. which requested the student to complete the course and;
  3. Proof of rejection is received by no later than 120 days after course enrollment.

The student can cancel a course for any reason and receive a refund subject to an $18.00 administrative fee when:

  1. Online course of instruction is discontinued by the 'student' and
  2. Refund request is made within 10 days of registration and;
  3. The online course has not been completed and a certificate of completion has not been issued and;
  4. Refund request is submitted in writing via email, fax, or mail.

At various points throughout the online course, our system will ask True/False, Multiple-Choice, Short Essay, and Verification Questions. Students are required to answer these questions to demonstrate knowledge gained and to prove their participation throughout the course. Failure to participate and answer these questions will result in failure of the course and potentially, forfeiture of the course fee. Please see our Failure Policy below for more details.

True/False and Multiple-Choice Questions must be answered with an overall accuracy of 70% or better – both throughout the course and on the Final Exam. Their purpose is to demonstrate knowledge gained throughout the course.

Verification Questions are required to prove participation. If the student does not answer Verification Questions correctly, they will be given another opportunity to answer in order to advance. Failing to correctly answer the Verification Question will result in a score of 0% for that chapter.

Short Essay Questions are required to both, demonstrate knowledge gained and to prove participation throughout the course. If the student does not provide a valid response to the essay question, it will be marked ‘Incorrect’. Participation in Short Essay Questions is required and will affect the overall grade.


In the event of failure of the course or Final Exam, students are allowed to retake the Final Exam and/or any failed chapters in an attempt to improve their grade and pass. This right is granted so long as an “Honest Attempt” was made to complete the course. An Honest Attempt is described as when the student reasonably and thoughtfully participated in the course or had a lack of understanding (such as a language barrier). In this case, the student proved they participated, but did not receive a 70% or better.

However, if the student fails in an attempt to circumvent the course, they also forfeit the right to retake any failed sections and the course fee. Students will not be eligible for a refund in this circumstance. It will be at the discretion of National Online Training/Court Solutions Online if a retake is given without charge, with an Administration Fee, or at the full price of the course. Examples of course circumventions include: failure to reasonably answer Short Essay Questions, failure to correctly answer Verification Questions, and attempts to cheat the system or its timers.


After registering for a course, students are allowed 90 days to complete. If an extension is needed, the student will need to contact National Online Training/Court Solutions Online. Extensions will be granted at no charge to the student so long as they are requested no more than 15 days after expiration. The amount of time granted for an extension may be up to 90 additional days. The length of extension will be determined based upon the requests of the student and at the discretion of National Online Training/Court Solutions Online.

Extensions requested more than 15 days after expiration are still likely to be granted at no charge when requested within a reasonable amount of time. However, this is done at the discretion of National Online Training/Court Solutions Online.


By Enrolling in any class with National Online Training/Court Solutions Online, students acknowledge and understand the following:

  1. Students understand all information collected by National Online Training/Court Solutions Online will be used only for validation and issuing my certificate. Student records and certificates will remain on file for a minimum of 2 years for the purposes of storing progress, participation, grades, and the Certificate of Completion. This is done for the student’s convenience should they need proof of completion.
  2. For the student’s protection, financial information is for billing purposes and is not stored in National Online Training’s database. National Online Training will not sell or allow any collected information to be used by a third-party company.

Any student who enrolls in a class with National Online Training/Court Solutions Online swears and affirms they are the individual assigned to take the course and that all statements on the registration form are true and correct. The student also confirms they have read the Enrollment Policies addressed above, fully understand the policies, and agree to abide by them. By enrolling in any educational class with National Online Training/Court Solutions Online, the student agrees to these Enrollment Policies.

National Online Training is prohibited from issuing a certificate of completion if the student has not met all the requirements of course completion, and the student should not accept a certificate under such circumstances. The certificate will be deemed invalid if the student:

  1. Digitally signs the certificate without receiving the mandated hours of instruction and/or
  2. Falsifies any information on certificate.

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the National Online Training/Court Solutions Online and the student. No verbal assurance or promises not contained herein shall bind the school or the student.



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