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Online John School Program for Court & Probation

JohnSchool.org is designed to educate individuals convicted of soliciting sex, commonly known as "Johns." This prostitution prevention class course is available in 8, 12, and 18-hour formats and aims to prevent the purchase or solicitation of sex. The program informs participants about the risks and consequences of prostitution, including its relation to issues such as human trafficking and sex work scams.

John School may be referred to as a "prostitution prevention" or "prostitution intervention" class by your court, probation department, judge, social worker, case manager, or attorney. If you have been ordered to take a prostitution prevention class, don't hesitate to contact us to confirm if this course satisfies your requirements.

Prostitution is only a small part of a larger problem. Our John School program is designed for men arrested for soliciting sex. This online prostitution prevention course thoroughly educates about the complex issues surrounding prostitution. Prostitution is closely tied to organized crime and is often associated with violence and human trafficking. Sex workers often experience physical abuse and emotional trauma at the hands of Johns, brothels, and escort service providers. Johns are prone to STDs, financial scams, sex or porn addiction, and relationship issues.

We will cover:

  • Female prostitution vs. male prostitution
  • Types of prostitution
  • Escort services and call girls/boys
  • House and brothel prostitutes
  • Misc. other markets - sex film industry and pornography
  • Phone sex hotlines
  • Mail order brides
  • Scams, blackmail, and crime on johns and prostitutes
  • Robbery of johns and prostitutes
  • Credit card scams
  • Horror stories of johns
  • STDs/HIV
  • Pregnancy/abortion
  • Bankruptcy
  • Porn addiction
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Organized crime
  • And much more.


The underbelly of this beast is ugly. It's a common belief that prostitution is a victimless crime. In reality, sex trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry that ravages the lives of human beings. Many prostitutes and sex workers are forced to participate due to drug addiction and/or human trafficking Human trafficking may appear to be a faceless crime, but its victims are people – people who deserve protection.

People often have a glamorized idea of what a prostitute is. She is beautiful, healthy, and in control of her life. She might be sitting in a bar of a classy hotel and making good money to pay for her college tuition. The reality is cruel, as the prostitute is likely participating by force.

Human traffickers use fear and manipulation to force vulnerable victims into commercial sexual exploitation, and those victims have to live with both the mental and physical effects.

The demand for sexual exploitation comes from immoral customers at the end of the human trafficking chain. Any person who pays another human being for sex or a sexual act is fueling the crime of human trafficking.


Law enforcement agencies all over the country are working hard to decrease the number of people who are being hurt by human trafficking. John School programs were created to discourage people from paying for sex, after targeting and arresting sex workers (who are often involved against their will) was deemed ineffective. When there is no demand, there is no market.

People who pay for sex come from all walks of life. They can be fathers, grandfathers, uncles, teachers, professors, firefighters, pilots, and even respected politicians. When people who pay for sex are discovered, it often leads to finding sex workers who need help. This allows law enforcement to help victims and arrest those who are responsible for exploiting them.

The people who sell human beings are hurting individuals and families. Sexual exploitation is dangerous for the whole community. When one person buys or rents another person, they are just as guilty and responsible for hurting that person.

Task forces know that it is important to decrease the demand for victims of human trafficking and to limit the opportunities for criminals to hurt people who are vulnerable. Areas with a lot of prostitution and human trafficking usually have more violent crimes. This affects everyone in the community, including our neighbors, our children, and all residents.

All courses are accessible from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

  • A fully online experience
  • Self-paced course, no time limit
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access
  • Start & stop at your own convenience
  • Full audio reading with text
  • Complete from any computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • Free Certificate of Completion – NO hidden fees
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll and complete the John School course?

Step 1: : Select your course and click on PURCHASE HERE

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Step 3: Submit payment

Step 4: Complete your course and receive your certificate

Will my certificate be accepted?

JohnSchool.org is powered by Court Solutions Online – a name that is trusted and approved by over 10,000 courts, probation departments, juvenile departments, judges, social workers, case managers, and attorneys nationwide.

The courts have high standards and don’t accept certificates from untrustworthy companies. It is easy to waste time, stress, and money through these unreliable companies. Courts know that cheating, quickly skipping through a course, zoning out, or not learning the material is simply not possible with our course software. Active participation is required to receive the certificate of completion. Our certificates are widely accepted in the United States.

We encourage you to be wary of trusting companies that offer online "court-approved" courses. Many companies sell courses that courts know are easy to cheat on or skim through and get a certificate. Others will sell you a certificate without a course, which will automatically be rejected by the courts. It's a waste of your time and money to go with a company that scams you in the long run.

What if I fail?

No worries! You can retake a chapter to improve your grade if you fail it. As long as you make an honest attempt and participate in the course, you will do just fine. If you happen to fail an 'Honest Attempt' to pass the course, we will give you a second chance for free. Learn more about our policies HERE.

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We stand behind our products and services, and as a result, we offer an Acceptance Guarantee on all of our Certificates. If your court, probation officer, judge, or caseworker doesn’t accept a certificate, we will refund your entire course fee.

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